Leukemia's And Lymphoma's

Leukemia and lymphoma are two types of cancer that affect the blood. Both cancers typically affect the white blood cells.Leukemia occurs when the bone marrow produces too many abnormal white blood cells. It is typically a slow-growing cancer, though there are cases where it progresses faster.

If a person has leukemia, their abnormal white blood cells do not die off in a normal cycle. Instead, the white blood cells multiply rapidly.

Eventually leaving less room for red blood cells required to carry oxygen through the body.

There are four main types of leukemia, classified according to their rate of growth and where the cancer originated in the body.

The types of leukemia include: acute lymphocytic leukemia, chronic lymphocytic leukemia, acute myeloid leukemia And chronic myeloid leukemia

Lymphoma starts in the immune system and affects the lymph nodes and lymphocytes, which are a type of white blood cell.

Cancer can affect all parts of the body, including the blood. Leukemia and lymphoma are types of blood cancer.

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